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The Vision

Increasing productivity, engagement and brand awareness through intuitive, simple and reliable publishing software.

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Bespoke publishing solutions

Add value to your data with a bespoke publishing solution . As the shift towards digital content and services continues to grow more companies find themselves with gigabytes or sometimes petabytes of data; but data is only valuable if you can make sense of it, and present it in a consistent, readable format to the people who need it. By combining over 20 years of experience, and expertise in the latest cutting edge technologies , bheap can help you improve efficiency and reduce costs by tailoring a custom publishing solution that enables your customers, both internal and external, to access your data in a consistent format on multiple platforms and devices.

  • Improve efficiency with a single pipeline serving mobile, web and desktop.
  • Promote brand image with consistent presentation of data across multiple platforms and formats.
  • Future proof your business for the next big platform (web, mobile, what's next?).
  • Engage your customers by having your data available on whichever devices they choose.


  • Online technical magazine and blogs
  • CMS integrated
  • Completely bespoke publishing pipeline
  • Multinational team
  • Cutting edge open source technologies
  • Enabled designers

The design and architecting of a publishing platform for a major multinational publishing company. Domain specific tailoring for the online publishing industry. Enabling designers to build template based sites, lowering the barrier to entry.

Integration with a customisable CMS designed to maximise productivity for journalists and editors in their workflow driven environment.

The provision of a powerful, scalable, fault tolerant full text search mechanism layered over millions of documents.

  • Electronic customs declarations
  • Multiple platforms and clients
  • Integration with third party HMRC systems
  • Future-proofed for emerging message formats
  • Workflow and process orientation
  • Bespoke reporting and documentation generation

Construction of a data entry and electronic customs declaration product. Content delivered to HMRC electronically in multiple formats in an extensible way; future proofing for emerging message formats.

Custom branding applied to reports and documentation automatically to cater for different import agents with specific invoicing requirements, helping to increase brand awareness.

Simple and intuitive mobile and web clients to help increase customer engagement and allow efficient remote access of system.

  • Bespoke publishing pipeline
  • Custom engineered workflow engine
  • Indexing and real-time search
  • Cutting edge language and technologies
  • Simple and intuitive web interface
  • RESTful web service interface

Design, architecting and implementation of custom workflow-based publishing solution. Real-time stitching of PDF documents based on massive index of image and text data sources. Globally first commercial deployment of Akka .

Simple intuitive web interface designed and implemented in standards compliant web technologies underpinned by RESTful web services.

Workflow engine written from the ground up to encapsulate exact requirements.

  • Leverages workflow framework - JBPM
  • Domain specific tailoring for your processes
  • Manage small or multi million pound projects
  • Bespoke workflow engine alternative, storage/presentation agnostic
  • Bespoke reporting and documentation

The design and architecting of a system leveraging JBPM for a major airline. The provision of software for managing multi million pound projects in the airline's headquarters.

Experience integrating workflow management software with your infrastructure across a variety of presentation layers and frameworks.

The ability to architect powerful bespoke reporting solutions tailored to your needs. Integration is possible within your infrastructure, making your data more valuable.


About Us

Who are we?

Bheap is a young, fun and professional company founded by individuals who share a passion for writing intuitive, simple and exceptionally reliable software.

Ross McDonald


Ross has been writing cutting edge server side software for over 13 years, specialising in scalability and fault tolerance.

More Info

Barrie McGuire


Barrie has over 7 years experience writing intuitive interfaces for the web, mobile and desktop platforms.

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These guys put Scala into production at Thatcham back in 2009, and put us on the map at along with Nasa, Twitter, Sony etc. With their help we went into production first in the world with the Akka fault tolerance and scalability toolkit. 3+ years of 100% uptime !
Daniel Payne | Thatcham
Bheap have been very responsive partners in the creation of the SportBusiness app and really tried to understand and work with the business rationale behind it. From the brief, through design and navigating Appleā€™s approval process they were professional and efficient and I would not hesitate to recommend them.
Phil Savage | Sportbusiness
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